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Wedding Plans Include Going Vegan For Avril Lavigne

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Avril Goes Vegan For wedding

Canadian singer, Avril Lavigne plans to go vegan for her upcoming wedding. She is, in fact, trying to slim down so that she can get into her special ‘badass’ gown for the most important occasion of her life. She also hopes to design the wedding dress herself but does not want to look unfit as she says, “I Do.”  All those carbs and loads of sugar had begun to take a toll on her health, the hot singer reveals.  She decided to speak to her nutritionist and now follows her advice rigorously by sticking to a vegan diet completely. Well, not exactly 100% vegan confesses the singer but at least 90% of it is without animal products of any kind. Organic foods and a microbiotic diet helps her to stay fit while on tours admits Avril as she gets ready to tie the knot with Chad Kroeger, the lead singer for Nickelback.



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Wedding Plans Include Going Vegan For Avril Lavigne