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Sweet Treats For The Sweet Blake-Ryan Wedding

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Desserts for Blake-Ryan Wedding

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively became man and wife this weekend. While the ‘Gossip Girl’ star had decided on the chef well in advance, it was Bakehouse Bakery Café which was chosen for creating a spectacular dessert menu for the occasion. The table laden with sweet goodies was the center of attention even as the hot couple tied the knot. A huge chocolate ganache surrounded by mini buns turned out to be a runaway hit while other sweet nibbles in the form of s’more bars with a graham cracker crust and vanilla marshmallow in the middle helped to satiate the sweet tooth of more than 65 guests at the wedding. The wedding cake was, however, flown from Maryland courtesy Maggie Austin and cost $3000. Well, we wish the couple a blissfully wedded life, and hope it remains as sweet as the desserts prepared for this momentous occasion.   


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Sweet Treats For The Sweet Blake-Ryan Wedding