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When Beatles composed one of the top 10 food songs, "Savoy Truffle", little did they know that one they would be served at a Sunday brunch in L.A. - not the truffles, but the Beatles themselves. It was first launched on Father’s Day, June 17, 2012.The Rolling Stone’s “Sunday Brunch With the Beatles” evoked past memories of not only great music but the food as well. Its menu, designed by Executive Chef Chris Ennis, was served against the backdrop of a wide range of music, which included “Breakfast with the Beatles” as well as the classic rock station, KLOS accompanied by contemporary acoustics. Thanks to the generous public response, the “Sunday Brunch with Beatles” will be extended beyond its original deadline. Catcalls are welcome!”


Image Courtesy: videokeman , mags360, cafedescala 

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Rolling Stone Legacy Rolls On