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She has one of the most enviable figures in Hollywood but ask her what she loves to gorge upon and Jennifer Love Hewitt would not hesitate even for a second before replying, “Cupcakes!” Yes, Sprinkles is what gets this sassy actress going, even when she is in the midst of a glamorous photo shoot. At least, that is what she confessed on a recent episode of the Ellen Degeneres Show.



Jennifer and Her Cupcakes

It is often that she surrenders to her sweet tooth, onlookers, who come across her picking up cupcakes at the Sprinkles outlet in Beverly Hills, confirm. The ‘Client List’ star was recently seen picking a “birthday gift for someone special” at the outlet. She ordered about a dozen cupcakes, in flavors such as S’more, Red velvet, Lemon, and Cinnamon sugar. While picking up her order, dressed in a white top and black skirt, Jennifer kept talking on phone. However, that did not deter the actress from mouthing her appreciation for cupcakes as she said that she “absolutely loved” Sprinkles.



Yo-Yo Dieting

Jennifer is known for her affinity to the Yo-Yo dieting, which can be describes in terms of eating too much or too little alternately. She has been known to eat in between both the extremes. Despite that, how she manages to keep her figure in check is really a mystery. Cupcakes may have a poor reputation as calorie-inducing sweet treats, these have played a Samaritan role as well, especially in case of the Japanese nuclear crisis. In fact, cupcakes are so popular among people that in some US cities, lawyers have given up their profession to start selling cupcakes. But, we hope you know that too much Sprinkles is not good for your health, although, there is one type of Sprinkle, which you can consume to give up on your sugar fears.


Everyone Loves Cupcakes

However, it is not only the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” star who is mad about these sugary delights. There is a whole list of Hollywood clientele who are regular visitors to the Sprinkles store at Beverly Hills, where a cupcake costs $3.25. Right from Oprah Winfrey to Jimmy Kimmel, Tyra Banks to Katie Holmes, and Teri Hatcher to Marcia Cross, everyone wants a bite of a velvety cupcake. Even younger stars like Jake Gyllenhaal, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba are fans.



The cupcake store recently made news when it installed an automatic vending machine for cupcakes. The Sprinkles store in Beverly Hill sells cupcakes in 20 different flavors, including pumpkin, orange, carrot, banana, and vanilla. So, it is no wonder that our stars are spoilt for choice.




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Jennifer Love Hewitt Adores Sprinkles Cupcakes