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Catfish Noodler Ryan Gets The Nod As The VP In Running's picture


Paul Ryan- catfish Noodler

The Florida GOP is over now with Mitt Romney officially declaring himself to be the Republican candidate for this year’s Presidential elections. Paul Ryan, the avid catfish noodler is running for the VPs position and the duo were cheered along mostly because they present such a study of contrasts much like chalk and cheese or peanut butter and catfish to be more apt.


Romney & Ryan: Together We Can!

Ryan might just help the cause of the Republicans as he gets to represent ‘hope and change’ this time round. However, the opposition and fact finders have alleged that Ryan is speaking untruths during his campaign which has earned him the epithet of being on a ‘diet of whoppers’, perhaps a trifle unkindly.


The Simple Paul

The Vee-Pee to be is actually playing up his country boy image and insists that he loves hunting and fishing even now albeit his busy schedule. Hunting catfish by chasing after it without the worry of getting his boots muddied is something that Ryan hopes will endear him to the people. Grasping his hunt by inserting a hand within the catfish’s mouth isn’t something that Ivy League, Romey would care to do. That’s what makes Ryan a perfect foil for Mitt Romney in this election. The young VP in running has pretty earthy and simple tastes when it comes to food too. A lot of cheese, some bratwurst, and a mug full of the local beer either Miller or Leinie's would keep him happy, Ryan insists.


While Ryan and Romney tries hard to turn the tide this time round, the public is waiting and watching and playing a cat oops catfish & mouse game with the hopeful Prez and VP as they silently assess the candidates.  Do check out his speech at Tampa and decide whether you would like him to represent you. He can certainly catch a catfish with his bare hands but will it help him in governing the nation?


Image Credit- indybay; popwatch 

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Catfish Noodler Ryan Gets The Nod As The VP In Running