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Aly Raisman- Proposed with Candy Ring

The gold medalist gymnast, Aly Riasman  was in for a surprise when on an autograph signing spree. A young man, got down on his knee and proposed to Aly while offering her a Sugar Candy Ring Pop. The 18 year old Raisman was definitely taken back at the surprising turn of events but took it in her stride.


The Proposal

The ‘Los Angeles Home Depot’ was a flurry of activity with the Olympian being extremely busy signing autograph books, left, right and center when out popped the question. Everyone, including Aly laughed at this faux proposal but the young sportsperson found the 24-karat sugar ring too tempting to resist. She accepted it but declined the marriage offer much to the dismay of the hopeful groom. Harry, her manager, however, saved the day by quipping that she was too young to get married. The groom shrugged good naturedly and settled for an autograph along with a photograph in lieu of a sweet and successful Olympian bride. Not a good bargain for sure!


Ring Pops- What Are They?

Ring Pops are not such a rarity after all. They were first fashioned by Frank Richards not as a fashion statement but in order to discourage his baby daughter from thumb sucking. Fruit ring pops are also available in a number of shapes and sizes but are usually fashioned in the form of a finger ring. The Easter rings are particularly popular but are also used to pep up parties or make a non-serious promise a la Aly Raisman’s proposal ring.


The gold medalist was seen hobnobbing with kids next who were enthused and encouraged to see her and swapped stories of their own achievement. Raisman was highly amused it seems, after all you do not get proposed to everyday that too in such a unique manner. She did not forget to tweet the incident though and her followers read, "did an autograph signing today and I got proposed with a ring pop! LOL," as they logged on to Twitter.


Image Credit- us.shalomlife; freedombloggersdotcom.wordpressdrlill 

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Fan Of Aly Raisman Pops The Question With A Candy Ring Pop