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Ryan Lochte Eats Gold

The United States swimmer Ryan Lochte was back in the headlines today. No, it isn’t anything about racing the new notorious Prince Harry now or wearing a diamond encrusted teeth grill. It was his food that glittered all the way to his stomach this time.


Food As Gold

His food turned out to be fit for a king as he dined on a plate of delectable sushi  which had been dusted with real gold flakes. Well, nothing is quite impossible when you are a major ‘hot’ star that too earning a king’s ransom. Lochte was simply delighted with the showy feast on his plate. He tweeted a picture of it and said, “A gold sushi. Gotta love it”. This was in reply to his buddies who wanted the best for their Olympian buddy. The dish looked like any regular California roll  which had been coated liberally in gold flakes to give it a glow akin to the Olympic gold medal.

Gold Sushi

What Next?

The ace swimmer failed to outdo fellow countryman Michael Phelps in the London Olympics but certainly hogged the limelight with a couple of gold and an equal number of silver medals. Phelp’s diet  of course does not quite match up to Lochte’s extraordinarily extravagant  sushi. He was also thinking of starting a fashion line which had his entire female fan following swooning in ecstasy.


Well, Lochte sure has it good! Living life king size while competing with the prince and now dining on gold flakes! Some people have all the luck! Bon Appétit Lochte!


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Olympian Lochte Eats Gold Literally