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Romney and Kids 1

President Barack Obama may have attacked presidential hopeful Mitt Romney for crippling spending cuts, which would affect schools, but Romney is taking his role as the candidate for the White House very seriously. He has even started to give cooking lessons to kids, in order to endear himself. His latest fans are the three kids of his running mate, Paul Ryan – Sam, Liza, and Charlie. But this is not the first time that Romney has been found to be associated with food, on the campaign trail. He has also edged out Obama in one of the polls owing to his love for barbecue. So, this seems to be just another day in office for Romney.


Romney Is A Cook Too

Romney recently flew the three kids of his running mate, Paul Ryan, on a chartered plane along with his own grandkids. Not only that, he also taught them how to make peanut butter and honey sandwiches. This, from a man, who could not identify a donut properly on the David Letterman Show a few weeks ago. The Republican candidate has been only too eager to counter Obama’s all-pervasive charm with his own “humane show”, which he recently also put up for a Fox News show. He seriously believes that cooking pancakes at home is going to win him the necessary number of votes. Well, good luck to him!


Romney and kids 2

He Must Be Happy Now

Till now, it was an unconfirmed fact that Romney would be running opposite Obama in the race to the White House, which will take place in November this year. However, with Romney crossing the support of 1,144 delegates at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, yesterday, he has been officially declared the party candidate for the presidential elections. Well, no pancake or peanut butter honey sandwich could taste as sweet to the presidential nominee as this little piece of news.



Quite recently, Romney wife, Ann, has also joined the campaign trail with her husband and she leaves no stone unturned in making the media and the voters believe that her husband is the right, homely guy, who should be voted as the successor of Barack Obama. She even told a television channel that her husband buys groceries for their home and has been doing so for the past decade. Awwwww! That is so sweet. But will the grocery-shopping, peanut butter sandwich-making, and pancake-cooking bring in all the votes for Romney. Well, that is one news, we will have to wait for , at least till November.




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Romney’s Peanut Butter Sandwich Lessons To Kids