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Tennis Ace Roger Federer Becomes Brand Ambassador For Swiss Chocolates's picture


Roger Federer

Roger Federer, the ace Tennis Star can now be seen in a different kind of role. The sports star is promoting the Swiss brand of Lindt chocolate this season  and "Lindt Brand Global" has also announced him as their brand ambassador. Now we certainly don’t mind seeing the hot star surrounded by sweet chocolates and candies. Let’s see what the commercial has to offer his fans.


What Can Fans Hope For?

The commercial will be aired just before the US open and will give Federer’s fans an opportunity to participate in "Sony Ericsson Open", 2013 as well as receive a number of items autographed by Roger himself. Seems that his fans are in for a treat! Several Lindor products can also be won, a thought which will definitely be a great ‘high’ for the tennis pros fan base.


Why Chocolates?

The man himself is not abashed to speak of his love for chocolates. He revealed, “Growing up in Switzerland, I have always been a fan of Lindt, and it has been an honor to serve as the Lindt Global Brand Ambassador.”

Roger Federer Endorses Lindt Chocolate

Lindt is also all set to launch a brand new truffle which can be bought from the “Lindt Chocolate Shops” across NYC. The product is supposedly going to be exclusive with limited amounts being available. This product will also have Roger Federer featuring on it.


The Advert

The commercial titled, ”Lost” has Roger searching for his lost bag of chocolate truffles  at the Airport. This is, in fact, his first commercial with Lindt and he apparently had a field day shooting for it. The CEO & president of Lindt USA, Thomas Linemayr hopes to rope in the star for a second time soon. He seemed to be well pleased with the success of it and terms it as ‘Swiss Perfection’, an apt moniker for Roger who is certainly perfect at his game.


The commercial is going to hit the air on the 3rd of September. Do keep your eyes open for it especially if you happen to like Roger or chocolates. Most fans would find it difficult to choose between the two and would love to have a go at both.


Image Credit- sportsbusinessdigest; heraldsun

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Tennis Ace Roger Federer Becomes Brand Ambassador For Swiss Chocolates