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Jay-Z Sues Chef For Stealing Recipe's picture


Jay-Z slap 1.5 million suit on Chef

The upscale Sports club 40/40 has seen enough drama this week. Jay-Z, the rapper who is also one of its owners and a great cook  himself, sacked his long time chef, Mike Shand  earlier this week. But the American rapper hasn’t cooled down yet, he is also suing the chef for lifting his special spice  mix recipe for chicken wings. A $1.5 million suit is certainly adding to the spice with accusations and counter accusations  flying thick and fast now.


Mike Shand had apparently ignored Jay’s orders to revamp the 40/40 menu for the club. The celeb saw red at Shand’s disobedience and promptly slapped him with a suit whitch charged him with, "costing the club lost profits, loss of good will [and] alienation of clientele." However, the Chicken Wing Spice Mix was developed by Shand himself according to his lawyer, Vik Pawar.


Mike had served as Jay and Beyonce’s personal chef  for many years before he was brought in to cook at the club. It is definitely an unfortunate turn of events but then Jay-Z isn’t one to let go off a business opportunity so easily.


The recipe for Chicken Wings  had been extremely popular with the patrons at 40/40 simply loving it. Sadly, it will be taken off the menu until the case is settled. For now, it is the star v/s the chef fighting over chicken wing spice.


Image Credit- eater; eurweb

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Jay-Z Sues Chef For Stealing Recipe