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Pancakes & Peanut Butter- The Romney Combo!'s picture


Pancakes + Peanut Butter- The Romney Combo

The presidential candidate Mitt Romney, eager to show his human face to the Americans, invited Fox News home for an interview where he revealed his fondness for a few weird combos   in food. Romney got down to cooking breakfast for the TV host Chris Wallace and ladled up a batch of nicely browned pancakes  which he proceeded to eat, slathered in peanut butter  instead of syrup. However, Wallace didn’t have to go that way as Ann Romney was kind enough to offer him a choice of syrups from the states of New Hampshire as well as Vermont.


The Homely Romney

Mitt Romney, intent on showing off his normal self also revealed his fondness for Costco stores, especially their Kirkland shirts which came with a discount. The lady opened up to the Fox show host and said that her husband made sure to buy groceries for their home, a chore he has been accustomed to since 2002 when Ann had been ill and bedridden. The glaring absence of maids or chefs in the kitchen prompted Wallace to ask whether the staff had been given a break. But Ann was quick to dispel it and retorted, "we like to do our own things."


The Republican candidate seemed eager to show that he was human too, despite his dramatic oratory and fierce debates while on the campaign . The ‘Fox News Sunday’ interview will be watched by many of his avid followers as well as the growing number of citizens who are certain that he would be elected to the White House, come November.


Loving your country is undoubtedly great but it is hard to imagine eating pancakes with peanut butter! Mitt Romney was duly chastised by his wife who called it a sacrilege. And we sure agree with it. Pancakes and peanut butter are both delicious but never should the twain meet.  I hope Romney gets to understand the basics of American food culture and stop at attending BBQs. He should certainly not insist on overdoing the ‘peanut butter’ bit.


Image Credit-politico; bloomberg

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Pancakes & Peanut Butter- The Romney Combo!