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Obama Puts Bo On Diet

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Prez with Bo

Bo is unhappy indeed! And no, it isn’t Little Bo Peep that I’m talking of but the First Dog, Bo Obama who has been put on a strict diet courtesy the Prez. The cute Portuguese water dog is not allowed to eat any of his favorites which also include the healthy broccoli  as well as the tasty tidbits that he manages to scavenge off the White House floor.


Barack Obama who is being extra cautious about the health and fitness of Bo has turned into a sharp eyed hawk. In fact, he went on to request the 54 odd kids assembled at the presidential residence for Michelle Obama’s State Kid’s dinner   not to feed the hapless looking Bo by throwing him scraps under the table. Obama went on to say, "I only have one request for you and that is try not to drop any scraps on the floor."

First Dog Bo on Diet

The president is unsure of his pet following his instructions although he is trying hard to win the confidence of the people currently. However, this has nothing to do with his oratorical skills as the charismatic dog isn’t high on listening and would rather eat, hence his portly appearance.


The Prez needn’t have worried so much. After all, the winning kids put an impressive display of healthy eats that included strawberry smoothie , cabbage sloppy Joes, and a quinoa salad . Nothing that would increase the weight of Bo Obama.


Statistics reveal that almost 50% of America’s pets are as obese as the population of the country  and the first dog is no exception either. We wonder whether Obama would actually worry so much about his mother in law, the person who came after Bo in his list of charismatic family members.


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Obama Puts Bo On Diet