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Your Vote Goes To Which ‘Meathead’

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It is becoming impossible not to talk of President Barack Obama and the foods he likes in the same vein. No, we are not talking of his favorite food – beef chili. Rather, this blog is about the beef jerky portraits of Obama and his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, affectionately called ‘meatheads.’ This ‘meaty’ affair is courtesy a muralist based in San Francisco, Jason Mecier. After creating the company mascot for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky – Sasquatch, again in beef jerky, Mecier set his eyes on the presidential race. Not that the nominees to the White House are strangers to meaty fights. Earlier this year, the Presidential Campaign has been subjected to a dogfight already. But these portraits are something out of the blue!



The Political Protein

After having made some of the funniest commercials selling beef jerky, the company is now heading into politics, although not literally. All that the muralist thinks is that seeing the candidates in a beef jerky avatar may help the voters decide better. After all, beef jerky is one of the top 10 popular foods of America. The muralist already has a varied portfolio boasting of food art forms of different kinds. He has used beans, noodles, rice, dry cereal, candies, vegetables, etc to put on canvas celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart, and Taylor Swift.



The “Meathead” Election

The company has named its latest commercial “Meathead”, which suits because the portraits depict the smiling mug-shots of Obama and Romney in beef jerky. Talking about the campaign, Jeff LeFever, marketing director for the company, said, “For years, political and cultural figures have earned the distinction of having their likenesses preserved for all time using the artistic medium of the day. In the light-hearted spirit of the brand, we commissioned artworks that used jerky instead of paint. Now, Jack Link’s asks all Americans, ‘Which Meathead will you vote for?” In fact, the company has launched a Facebook page as well as installed the portraits on the company website, where you can cast your vote. Be assured that the outcome of the beef jerky election is definitely going to have an impact on the November polls.


Beef Jerky

It’s All About Winning

The Presidential nominees have been rechristened lovingly – so it is Barack Obameat and Meat Romney now. And if you cast a vote on the website, you stand a chance to win the stimulating “Jack Link’s Snack Stimulus Package”, which contains the Jack Link’s Jerky, of course, and also cash prize of $5000. Reason enough to vote now, right? Talking about the meat, Mecier has used about 50 bags of the Jack Link’s Jerky per portrait, each of which is 2ftx3ft in dimension. Counting in the Sasquatch portrait, the artist took about 150 hours to finish all three portraits. As for the varieties of Jerky used in this endeavor, the portraits have the “Original Beef Jerky, Turkey Jerky, Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky, Original Smokehouse Beef Jerky, etc.”



Obama has already been re-created in cupcakes. Morevoer, it is not new for celebrities to have their portraits done in edible material, like Rachael Ray was done in cheetos sometime back. However, the seriousness with which the ‘Meathead’ campaign is being steered forward is definitely worth a bite!



Image Courtesy: jacklinks

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Your Vote Goes To Which ‘Meathead’