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Obama's Beer Recipe May Just Go Public

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Obama Beer 1Going around, announcing his love for beer, and his efforts to install the first-ever home brewery in the White House, may just cost President Barack Obama his very private recipe for beer. The White House brewery and its beer has generated so much interest among Americans that a man even went on Reddit forum and sought the recipe for the "White House Honey Ale" under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The request, however, is not just about the honey ale but also about other White House brews, including "Honey Porter" and "Honey Blonde."



Obama Loves Beer

President Obama is currently on campaign trail for the presidential elections, to be held in November this year. While traveling through different States, and seeking the support of American voters, Obama also divulged to the public his love for the ale. In fact, during a public meeting in Iowa recently, he even handed out bottles filled with the White House ale, to people who asked for it.



What Goes Into White House Beer Obama beer 2

There are, presently, three different types of beers being brewed at the White House, as mentioned already. The only thing you may know about their recipes is that the honey used in them comes from the First Lady's beloved White House Kitchen Garden. So, it is not just the Reddit petitioner but many others who would want to get their hands on the recipe. But the recipe is not so easy to attain.



Obama beer 325,000 Signatures

Apart from the FOIA request on Reddit, another formal request was made for the recipe on the White House website. The petition reads, "In keeping with the brewing traditions of the founding fathers, home brewers across America call on the Obama administration to release the recipe for the White House home brew so that it may be enjoyed by all." However pleading this request may sound, the Obama administration will review it only after it generates 25,000 signatures in its support, that too, before September 17, 2012. At present, the request has only 880 signatories as of last count. The Reddit request is more tongue-in-cheek, as it also demands, "If you could send me a copy autographed by the president, you'd be the coolest FOIA officer in the whole federal government." How flattering is that!


The way requests and signatures are piling up for the beer, you may be forgiven to think that beer is the healthiest alcoholic drink to have. Well, Mr. President, this is what happens, when you are seen enjoying or cradling a glass of beer, with a smug smile on your face, at every given opportunity! And in case, you are skeptical about the whole affair and do not like beer that much, here are top 10 low calorie beers for you to enjoy.


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Obama's Beer Recipe May Just Go Public