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‘Bella’ Gives Up Food For ‘Edward’

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Kristen Stewart

Kristen ‘Bella’ Stewart has given up food for her boyfriend Robert ‘Edward’ Pattinson after she was caught cuddling with director Rupert Sanders, behind his back. Poor Kristen is passing through a very bad phase of her life, as a result of which she has been reduced to live in hiding and eat nothing else but “cigarettes, Red Bull, and crisps.” It wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that she is smoking her way into depression!



A ‘Nervous’ Wreck

The Twilight star has been away from public eye for almost three weeks now and has become a “nervous wreck” as a result of the incident. The effect is most profoundly reflected in her diet, which, before the turn of events, was “disgustingly normal” in her own words. Not that she was setting the right example earlier (cigarettes and colas were a part of her diet then as well) but situation has turned serious now because she is having nothing else except what is mentioned already.



Ciggies, Red Bull, Crisps

People close to her told media that Kristen was “a nervous wreck and was existing on a diet of cigarettes, sugar-free Red Bull and the occasional bag of potato chips.” The same source also said, “She’s been hiding out at the Los Angeles home of a producer friend (Giovanni Agnelli) and is looking pale and worn-out.” Well, the pictures of her that came out after the news broke, tell the same story. She has been seen roaming around in nothing but vest and shorts, with her hair kept untidy, and a blank look on her face. And what is this fascination with Red Bull among Hollywood elites. Only recently, an equally heart-broken Demi Moore was sent packing to hospital, after she embarked upon a Red Bull-only diet!



Grief-Stricken Star

Her friends inform that she is refusing to eat anything, not “even a small bowl of soup”, even if someone pushes it to her. She either claims to have eaten already or of being nauseous, thus escaping putting a single morsel in her mouth. The poor girl has been behaving like a typical, heart-broken teenager, although she is 22-year-old. This may also be a way of “punishing herself” by living off an unhealthy diet. In fact, for the first few days after her break up with Pattinson, Kristen also refused to shower for days on end and gorged on nothing else but ice cream.



All this makes one wonder, is Kristen prepared to say goodbye to her movie career? Obviously, after piling on empty calories like this, she is not going to be in a good enough shape to look beautiful onscreen. And if that is the case, then, one can’t help but feel really sad for Kristen Stewart, who had it all, but who lost it all in a moment. Reading about Kristen and Demi, one is tempted to call out to them – ladies, pick up your guts and get a hold on yourself! Tell us what advice would you like to give to these women?


Image Courtesy: softpedia,, wired, snus-news

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‘Bella’ Gives Up Food For ‘Edward’