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Obama Turns Advisor On Windy City Eateries

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Obama in Chicago

President Barack Obama is going to get it from his wife when she comes to know about his recent visit to the Wrigley Field stadium in the Windy City. He is so enamored by what the city has to offer in terms of its eats that he is even doling out advice to visitors to the city.


Obama's Advice

The Prez is excited about everything that is available for eating in the city. Read what he has to say about it, "First of all, there's a great place on the west side called Macarthur's. It's sort of a family restaurant. You name it, you got it: fried chicken, greens, cornbread, black eyed peas, and three different kinds of hot sauce sitting on the table. So you can't go wrong there. But when you guys come to Chicago you've got to try all kinds of stuff."


Obama Goes On

Obama advises the tourists to also visit "Al's Italian beef", where, he says, the beef is outstanding, especially when eaten on the deep dish pizza. Obama says, "You've got to check that out." However, what he says next may also hurt his favorite baseball team, the Chicago White Sox, "Even though I am a White Sox fan, it's a nice place to watch a ballgame. Don't worry, you will not lose weight if you come to Chicago."


The Radio Interview

Obama said all this in a six-minute interview, which was recorded in Marshalltown, Iowa, during his bus tour. The interview was in a lighter vein, during which he even divulged what the world knows about him - his favorite food is chili . It looks like the President already knows that the Americans want to  know more about what their presidential candidates are eating .


President Obama is known to keep it true while speaking to the public, or even to the media. That is his biggest strength, in addition to his love for food and beer, as was evident recently, during the ongoing Presidential election campaign. And if you are not satisfied with the President's tips, here is the list of some of the best restaurants in Chicago, for you to follow when you visit the Windy City next.


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Obama Turns Advisor On Windy City Eateries