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White House Gets Its Own Brewery

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Here's some good news from the Obama household. President Barack Obama told a gathering in Iowa recently that a home brewery is one of the latest features to be added to the White House. Well, a brewery seems a far cry from the First Lady's health endeavor in the form of her kitchen garden.



The White House Brewery

This brewery is an example of the President's love for beer. He loves microbrews for which he bought his own beer-making kit for the White House. He clarified to the crowd that he did so with his own money and not the government funds. So far, the White House kitchen staff has brewed the Honey Porter, Honey Ale, and Honey Blonde Ale with the kit. The honey for the beer comes from the White House kitchen garden so that is something for Michelle Obama to be happy with. While discussing his brewery at a campaign stop, Obama took a lot of pain to describe the varieties of beer produced at his official residence and even got a bottle of the White House beer for a patron who requested for it.



Iowa Face-Off

This week, Obama has already had a face-off with his health-conscious wife, who has already warned her husband against eating a fried Twinkie. Not that the President, known for his appetite for delicious comfort foods, is going to stop. Right after the Twinkie episode, he proudly announced to the crowd at the Iowa State Fair that he had eaten "pork chop and beer." His wife rolled her eyes and chimed to the crowd, "He's so please with himself." Obviously, the wifey is not pleased with the President.


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Excited About Beer

During his Iowa State Fair tour, the most exciting thing to come out of Obama's mouth was that the White House had been endowed with a home brewery. Although, that is not the only thing that he talked about. He spoke about drought relief, middle-class taxes, and wind power for America's future. But the patrons present at the State Fair could only remember how longingly he spoke about his plans to quaff some beer at the end of the day. Before that, he also bought a couple of beers too from the Fair. In fact, by the end of Obama's speech, the crowd was chanting, "Four more beers!"  



Obama, The 'Everyman'

The home brewery for White House is a way to get back at his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney. In the Presidential battle for votes, Romney has been speaking at length about his family values and supporting his wife through her battle with multiple sclerosis. Obama is trying to outdo Romney at his own game by presenting himself as an 'everybody.' Talking about his single mom, his working-class father-in-law and his own financial struggles, Obama eventually touched upon the topic that concerns every man in America - beer. What better way to connect with the common man than through the most common drink?



President Obama is known to stick to his food preferences wherever applicable and he doesn't care much for the public opinion or his critics, for that matter. In case of beer too, he seems to be following his heart.


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White House Gets Its Own Brewery