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Google Foodle Says ‘Happy Birthday Julia!’

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On August 15 this year, Google presented a Birthday doodle to the celebrated American chef, TV host and author Julia Child on what would have been her 100th birthday. The Doodle also tweeted, “Hope you all find today’s ‘foodle’ for Julia Child’s 100 birthday delectable. Bon appétit!”



Paying Tribute to Julia

Julia Child is such an iconic figure in America’s culinary history that even 100 years since her birth, she continues to impress newbie cooks, housewives eager to make an impression, and people generally interested in cooking and living happily. More than her cooking skills, it was her attitude to cooking and her vivacious personality that leaves more of a mark on people. How else could you explain the fact that she was single-handedly responsible for introducing and establishing French cuisine in the American psyche. Anybody can truss a mean chicken or duck but no one can make it look as sexy as Julia. Her chicken and fish dishes are already recorded in the annals of world culinary history.



Bon appétit!

The legendary chef passed away on August 13, 2004, at the age of 91, after suffering from kidney failure. Her memory was recently refreshed in the memories of younger audiences the world over with the film, “Julie and Julia,” where another iconic woman, Meryl Streep, essayed Julia’s role to perfection. Julia first made a mark with her books “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and “The French Chef”, which were critically acclaimed. In fact, the second book even lent its title to Julia’s famous, award-winning cooking show, which was premiered in 1963 and has, since then, continued to make budding cooks out of unassuming kids and youngsters.


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The Julia Foodle

The doodle, which Google calls Foodle, depicts Julia Child in her famous kitchen, surrounded by her favorite cooking instruments and some of her famous recipes. However, Google is not the only one celebrating the legendary chef’s birthday. PBS network, which was the first to telecast Julia’s iconic TV show “The French Chef,” is celebrating her birthday for the whole month of August, with her fans pitching in with their favorite recipe of hers. The network has also launched Facebook and Twitter pages, asking Julia’s fans to write in with their comments and favorite memories of the happy-go-lucky chef.



It is a common practice with Google to honor historic personalities with doodles on their birthdays. However, why the Julia foodle stands out amongst all those doodles is because it appeals to the most basic need of human kind, food. And when it comes to food, no one know to stir a ladle better than our very own Julia Child. Bon appétit!


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Google Foodle Says ‘Happy Birthday Julia!’