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Michelle 'Scolds' Gabby Douglas Over Fast Food

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Michelle Obama

Appearing on Jay Leno's television show for the third time, the First Lady Michelle Obama created a flutter when she chided Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas for indulging in fast food. Although, Michelle said so jokingly, the message was not lost on Leno, Gabby, and the audience. This is our First Lady, true to her Let's Move campaign.



Scolding the Superstar Gymnast

Gabby, a 16-year-old gymnastics champion, was telling Leno that she celebrated her gold medal win at the recently-concluded Olympics 2012 by "splurging on a McDonald's Egg Mcmuffin." Appearing on the Leno show to share her excitement at being the first straight American athlete and first African-American woman athlete to win Gold Medal at the Olympics, Gabby told the host that after her win, she went to the McDonald's to eat an Egg Mcmuffin. Just then, the First Lady, a vociferous advocate of healthy living, butted in and jokingly told Gabby, "Yea, Gabby, don't encourage that! But I'm sure it was on a whole wheat muffin."



The Health Advocate

Michelle Obama once said that her daughters Malia and Sasha have a set diet. It is no wonder, then, that she thinks other young Americans should follow a healthy diet as well. Perhaps, it was the mother in Michelle, which forced her to go all out on the national television and tell Douglas, "You're setting me back, Gabby." All poor Gabby could manage to say was "Sorry."



Bossy First Lady

Michelle is known to be bossy when it comes to the eating habits of those around her. For example, she has banned President Barack Obama from eating deep friend Twinkies just before coming for the Jay Leno show. During his stopover at the Iowa State Fair earlier yesterday, Obama told the audience, "Michelle has told me I can't have a fried Twinkie. But...I understand this year there's a chocolate moose. So I'm going to have to take a look at that, if I can."



That was Michelle Obama, who never minces her words when it comes to the health of the nation. Never mind if it is an Olympic winner on the receiving end.


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Michelle 'Scolds' Gabby Douglas Over Fast Food