Vegetarian Sushil Kumar Refused To Take A Bite Of His Opponent’s Ear!

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Sushil Kumar

The last day of the London Olympics brought cheer to 1 billion Indians as Sushil Kumar, the freestyle wrestler stood on the podium with a silver medal around his neck. A proud moment for India and an even prouder one for the humble Sushil Kumar who looks as if he cannot say ‘boo’ to a goose but can actually pack a lot of power in his sinewy muscles.


What The Champion Eats!

Peaches & Bananas

A vegetarian  by birth Sushil Kumar did not care to bite of his opponent’s ear off- a la Mike Tyson. And what is the secret of his success? Sheer hard work coupled with diet formulated by Ryan Fernando who recommends beetroot juice for high carbs and coconut water to replenish the lost electrolytes. Nuts, peaches and bananas supply the champ with the required potassium thereby helping him to keep up the strength.


It isn’t just the meat eaters who can excel at Olympics though as Lizzie Armitstead , the British medalist ,hard core vegetarian proved that veggies come with a silver (medal) lining too!


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