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Justin Bieber’s Sushi Date With Family!

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Justin Bieber 1His girlfriend, Selena Gomez, may have landed in a hospital because of her junk food diet, but boyfriend and teenage singing sensation, Justin Bieber, is not going very concerned about his own diet. That is why, even with a lot of expensive eateries well within his reach, he chose a simple sushi lunch at the Sushi Dan restaurant in Studio City, Los Angeles. He had his family in tow and according to the restaurant staff, Bieber enjoyed all the special dishes on his sushi date.



Bieber's ‘Special’ Lunch

While Gomez was nowhere to be seen, Bieber, his father Jeremy, stepmother, and his half siblings Jazmyn and Jaxon, went to lunch at the Sushi Dan restaurant. Before this, he has often been seen at the restaurant in the company of his beautiful girlfriend. One of the highlights of the restaurant are its delicious but reasonably priced food. Throughout the conversation, Justin was in deep conversation with his father while the rest of the family seemed busy tucking in.


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The Sushi Meal

The restaurant reported that the Biebers ordered several of the special dishes on menu, including the Hot Night Roll, Naked Salmon, and Crunchy Spice Tuna. The food was spicy and it seems that the Bieber family enjoyed it thoroughly. Throughout the meal, while he maintained a serious discussion with his father, Justin was seen talking lovingly with his half brothers, who responded to his ditties smilingly.



After the meal was over, Justin went, sans his family, for shopping at the American Apparel, with only his bodyguard for company. At the end of the day, the singing superstar even shared the news with his Twitter fans as he tweeted, “#familytime.”


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Justin Bieber’s Sushi Date With Family!