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Double Bolt Leaves London Reeling!

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Usain Bolt- Living Legend?

Usain Bolt has kept his word! He outran his fellow compatriots to win the 200m sprint gold at the London Olympics. Not one to bow humbly, he declared that he was now a living legend after his double success at the Games  and took a dig at Carl Lewis for doubting his abilities. But what fuelled the fire in him? A sense of dominance or McNuggets? The hard core patriot from Jamaica would  point out at the Yams and Bananas  of course. But a Jamaican tide (yes the silver & bronze also went to the Caribbean nation) that washed away all other countries competing in the 200 m sprint can surely be attributed to the delicious goat curry of the nation. 


“I am now a living legend. Bask in my glory. And if I don't see this in paper I won't talk to you. Follow me on twitter.” – was what he said at the press conference afterwards. No one is doubting his talent but a little humility would surely have endeared him to the masses.


Watch how Bolt flashed by…


Image Credit- telegraph 



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Double Bolt Leaves London Reeling!