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Lady Gaga Bribes Vogue Editor With Bagels

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Lady Gaga

“T and me” was the way Lady Gaga described herself and boyfriend Taylor Kinney taking a dip in the pool. The hot and steaming photo had the lady in question wearing dramatic eye lashes lined with eyeliner but very little else. She has also been extremely inquisitive and tried to peek at the Vogue cover for next month. The reason? It has a picture of her on the cover which is the reason behind her trying to influence the editor of the fashion mag with…yes you heard it right!...Bagels !


What Is Lady Gaga Up To?

 She has been having a great time ever since she made up with Kinney. She apparently took him out to Joanne’s, a restaurant owned by her father. The eatery located on the Upper West side of NYC serves Italian food but Lady Gaga did not actually do it a favor by offering what she considered an honest criticism of the food. She had also opted to greet the customers when she dropped in for Art Smith, the Chef’s birthday. The restaurant food has received a lot of flak meanwhile and no amount of cajoling by Lady Gaga insisting that the meatballs were good or that the calamari was excellent could really win over the clientele.  

Vogue Cover-Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga On Vogue Cover

Lady Gaga loves to be in the news though and she has recently revealed about appearing on the Vogue cover of September. This is deemed to be big indeed as the magazine is all set to increase its page count with the September issue. She has been leaving no stone unturned in trying to get a sneak peek of that cover, currently kept under wraps. Her recent tweet  read, "Don't worry I've been txting Wintour all morning trying to get that cover queens." This refers to Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue who has been receiving bagels from the lady, keen on satiating her Narcissistic urges by looking at herself on the Vogue cover. Whether Wintour can be won over by bagels or will she consider it to be a battle of complex carbohydrates is yet to be seen though.  However, the two seem to be the best of friends for now with each of them texting the other regularly.


Do you really think that bribing the Vogue editor with bagels is shocking enough for Lady Gaga? Or does she have more shockers ready to be unleashed? Do  keep reading. We will be back with more on the lady.  


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Lady Gaga Bribes Vogue Editor With Bagels