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Zulfiya Chinshanlo: China’s Envy- Kazakhstan’s Pride!

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Zulfiya Chinshanlo

The gold in weight lifting won by for Kazakhstan by Zulfiya Chinshanlo  brought smiles to the faces in the CIS Republic but China was not happy at all! But what did the Asian giant have to do with it, you may wonder. Well, the Chinese believe that Zulfiya is Chinese and should have brought glory to their country instead of Kazakhstan.


What Is The Truth?

The state run media proclaims the Olympic star as a Chinese national belonging to the Hunan province of China. She had apparently been transferred to Kazakhstan in 2008 and went on to practice her sport there.  Her real name happens to be Zhao Changling and she opted for moving to Kazakhstan when their weight lifting team showed interest in her. She then changed her name to Zulfiya Chinshanlo and went on to compete in International Sporting events for her new country since then.


What She Misses The Most?

The fluent Chinese speaker is reluctant to answer whether she would be willing to return to her homeland. Of course, it is quite another matter when t comes to the food. She confesses that she has a ‘Chinese stomach’ and is fond of all healthy Chinese delicacies . But the item she misses most is the sticky  rice cake  that taste just so yum.

Zulfiya Chinshanlo

The story of Chinshanlo isn’t an isolated case though. Every year, thousands of Chinese seek citizenship abroad especially in the West and sportsmen are not an exception either. Jun Gao, the silver medal winning Chinese table tennis player in 1992 moved to US and became a citizen there competing for America in the next three games.


While China may fret and fume , it can really do nothing if the players wish to move away. The London Olympics website, however, has Almaty, the largest city of Kazakhstan and its erstwhile capital as Zulfiya Chinshanlo ‘s place of birth. No hint of being Chinese there!


Well, you can certainly travel across the globe in order to fulfill your aspirations but you cannot quite give up the longing for food that nourished you as an infant. And Zulfiya Chinshanlo proves that once again!


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Zulfiya Chinshanlo: China’s Envy- Kazakhstan’s Pride!