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‘Black Swan’ Serves Vegan Wedding Feast

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Hollywood’s ‘Black Swan’ Natalie Portman celebrated her wedding to Benjamin Millepied on August 4, 2012. What stood out in the whole wedding fiesta, apart from the glow on the faces of the bride and the groom, was the vegan feast that the couple served their guests. Being true to her own diet, Natalie opted for dishes made in strict vegan style, and did not serve anything made with animal product.


The Natural Wedding


Right from choosing to wear local wild flowers in her hair to organizing a vegan dinner, Natalie Portman kept the wedding true to her own style – subtle and elegant. She wed her choreographer fiancé in a Jewish ceremony in Big Sur, California and the guest list included, Macaulay Culkin, Mike Nichols, and Ivanka Trump. Natalie wore a mid-length Rodarte dress while Millepied wore a dark blue tuxedo.



The Vegan Diet


Since Natalie’s diet is mainly vegan, she decided to extend that to her wedding feast as well. Guests at the reception were, therefore served vegan delicacies only. There was no fish, steak or chicken on the menu. If the guests were blindsided by the strictly vegan wedding feast, nobody said anything. In fact, the guests were seen enjoying the meal, as well as the company of the couple. Natalie herself was glowing in her wedding dress even as she and Benjamin performed a ‘Hora’ dance for 20 minutes before the rest of the guests joined in.


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No Wedding Cake!


Natalie, known for her unconventional lifestyle, also did not have a wedding cake to cut at her wedding. Instead, in an apparent tribute to Millepied’s French roots, the couple opted to serve macaroons at the end of the wedding feast.



After the wedding ceremony and the feast were over, the guests left with packets of wild flower seeds, which had ‘Merci’ written over them. This was one wedding that could boast to be different from other celebrity weddings. Hollywood weddings are known for their over-the-top celebrations but it seems Natalie chose to be different, just like she does for her movie roles.


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‘Black Swan’ Serves Vegan Wedding Feast