Thunder (Usain) Bolt Rips Through London Egged On By Chicken Nuggets

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Usain Bolt Gets Gold

Usain Bolt became the fastest man on earth yet again bettering his own record. He clinched the gold medal by reaching the finishing line in 9.63 seconds thereby proving that he is indeed miles ahead when it came to sprint.


Was it green bananas and yam that pushed him towards his career best? Or did the Jamaican goat curry do the trick? Chicken Nuggets,  his favorite tidbit could well have urged him to do better too. What about the chicken wraps from biggest McDonalds  ? 'It had vegetables too, don't judge me' smiles Bolt who has given a fitting reply to his critics silencing them once for all. The words, “it was great to come out and show I am still number one, I am still the best,” does not reek of arrogance. It is simply the plain truth.


We will wait to see Usain Bolt once again in the 200m final to be held on Tuesday. Here’s wishing him all the best and hoping that his path is bedazzled with gold once again.


Image Credit- dailymail

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