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William & Kate- The Latest Foodies On The Block

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The royal Couple

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is known to be quite a simple girl at heart. Both she, as well as hubby William, are self-confessed foodies with a taste for homemade food rather than gourmet fare.


The Duchess can be seen shopping for groceries and vegetables at the local stores, and while she does have a budget of $55,000 for the haute couture clothes she wears during her  official visits , there is almost no wastage or extravagance when it comes to the food they enjoy. Kate is quite adept at cooking and is the proud owner of a sausage maker, which she uses to press her own links. Cottage pie and sticky toffee pudding are also likely to be featured in their menus, as William prefers the former with Kate rooting for the toffee dessert. 

Will-Kate Cooks Too

Kate also loves to stock up on homemade preserves and jams which she gives away as gifts during Christmas or other occasions. Strawberry jam is her favorite and many members of the Royal family have received jars of the sweet, red jam from her to liven up their afternoon tea


The Royal couple has no qualms going on long walks and then coming in and cooking in the kitchen. They enjoy quality time together as they make tea and bread, which has become one of the reasons why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge refuse to install a chef in their private home. After all, nothing tastes better than home cooked food prepared and served with love. 

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William & Kate- The Latest Foodies On The Block