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Obama Finds The Fudge To Be Finger Licking Good

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Obama In Fudge ShopSquirrel Den, a fudge shop based in Mansfield, Ohio had the honor of seeing the Prez walk in cool as a cucumber earlier this week. Barack Obama had been in the locality He had stopped at various places in the state and was earlier seen shredding Mitt Romney’s proposed tax plan to bits saying that his opponent had no intention of helping America achieve its dreams of educating its children or seeing that the jobless get work or even improving the infrastructure of the nation. “He's asking you to pay more so that people like him can get a big tax cut,” was what Obama said before he decided to relax by getting a taste of the sweet fudge instead of his favorite chili .



Obama's Visit Forecast?

Lia Brunetti, the teenaged cashier almost screamed out loud on seeing the president walk in. She explained her confusion by telling Obama that she had actually dreamt of him coming to their shop.  The University student then went on to iterate how she can make her dreams come literally true. Obama responded to it with a witty comment of, “you are psychic.”


What the Prez Ate?

Finger Licking Good Fudge

LaDonna Secrist, the proprietor of Squirrel Den then stepped forward and simply squeezed some of her best fudge on the President’s finger asking him to lick it. Obama was prompt to abide and was overjoyed to find it extremely yummy. The chocolate is premium he deduced and tastes just great was his final verdict on it. He also posed with the employees of the shop and signed quite a few autograph books.


For The First Family

Obama, the doting family man picked and chose carefully as he put together a care package for daughters Malia and Sasha who are away at Summer camps. He did not forget to get a box of good old fashioned chocolates for Michelle either. A look at the candied popcorn and gourmet nuts in the end provided to be enough for the Prez and he was aboard Air Force One and off to Akron for yet another round of campaigning.


Words of high praise might not be a rarity for Secrist but the ones coming from the First Citizen of the United States is sure to have her tickled pink. Meanwhile, we note that dropping into small, local eateries is something that Obama enjoys. Let’s wait and see where he turns up next.


Image Credit- democraticunderground 



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Obama Finds The Fudge To Be Finger Licking Good