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Hollywood To Immortalize Jamie Oliver

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Jamie Oliver

British chef and activist Jamie Oliver may have had rough with the media recently, over his weight issue, but it seems Hollywood wants some more of this firebrand chef. His life will be immortalized on the silver screen, courtesy production house Paramount and TV personality Ryan Seacrest (Yes! the one who got 'ashed' by Sasha Baron Cohen at Oscar Awards this year!)



The Movie


Titled "Food Fight" (what else?), the movie will go on floor when everything falls into place. Having said that, the movie is still in the talks stage, where the producers are in talks with possible cast members, or the production house is in talks with Jamie himself and the writes are in talks with the script. Quite recently, Gwyneth Paltrow was roped in to play celebrity chef-restaurant owner Gabrielle Hamilton. So, it may seem that Hollywood is waking up to the significance of celebrity chefs and their causes in its storyline.



The Cast


Although, nothing or no one has been finalized yet regarding the movie, a shortlist has been prepared. It contains names such as Will Ferrell and Sean William Scott. Ferrell has played different roles right since his NBC comedy "Saturday Night Live." He has been part of films that are predominantly funny like "Old School", "Anchorman", "Talladega Nights", and "The Other Guys." He is part of the Hollywood "Frat Pack", which has other comic actors like Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Wilson brothers (Owen and Luke). On the other hand, Scott, younger than Ferrell in age and experience, is an icon in himself for playing the role of Stiffmeister (Steve Stifler) in the iconic "American Pie" series. Besides, he has also played roles in "Road Trip", "Final Destination", and " The Dukes of Hazzard" movies. Therefore, there is little doubt that both the actors will bring a funny bone to the Jamie Oliver movie too.



The Storyline


Well, if it is Jamie we are talking about, there has to be some activism somewhere. So, in this movie too, the story revolves around a Los Angeles-based chef, whose gourmet food truck runs into trouble with the authorities and he is asked to work at a school as part of a punishment. At the school, the chef works with a group of kids to revamp the lunch menu at the school cafeteria. The movie may sound similar to the "School of Rock", also produced by Paramount but this will have food at its epicenter. It is being said that the movie is loosely based on the TV show "Food Revolution", produced jointly by Oliver and Seacrest, which also won an Emmy award. Currently, writers David Posamentier and Geoff Moore are working on the adaptation.


While this movie does sound like an interesting watch already, what would make it even more enjoyable is a cameo by Oliver himself. Hope the producers have thought of that as well!


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Hollywood To Immortalize Jamie Oliver