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Spanish Olympian Vouches For Chinese Food

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Chinese Food

The health benefits of Chinese food are not lost on anyone but Spanish Table Tennis player, He Zhiwen, vouches for its good qualities. So much so that while taking part in the ongoing Olympics 2012 in London, he gives all the credit for his professional success to the Chinese food.


To start with, Zhiwen cannot stop singing paeans to his favorite cuisine. He says, "I take care of myself, I eat Chinese food and I get good rest. I lack the speed, but I am really good at serving and the tctical side of things." His sports mantra is based on three pillars - "reflexes, speed, and agility" - but he finds his sustenance in the noodles and Chinese sauces.


Born on May 31, 1962, Zhiwen weighs 159lbs and is 173cm in height. He started his sports career in 1971 and competed in Olympics tournaments held in Athens and Beijing. He is popularly called "Juanito" in his country. His London Olympic campaign, however ended abruptly when Romanian player Adrian Crisan defeated him 4-2.


The popularity of Chinese food can be attributed to a lot of factors, one of which is that the food is deemed healthy. Chinese prepare food as an art form and their food preparation is based on the two dominant philosophies of Confucianism and Taoism. It is under these styles that Chinese people cook and serve different foods.



Well, there is no news on which Chinese dishes does Zhiwen exactly enjoy but since he will not be around at the Rio Olympics, owing to age factor, he will have ample time to enjoy his favorite cuisine. What's more! He even doesn't have to worry about putting on weight.


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Spanish Olympian Vouches For Chinese Food