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Pregnant Snooki Wants You To Eat Sandwich

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Jersey Shore star, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, is known for over-the-top gestures. She made news earlier this year by revealing that her weight-loss secret was alcohol. Now she is in news once again and this time, it is the launch of her signature collection of personalized meals - sandwiches in short.



Grand Opening


The Jersey Shore star, pregnant right now, attended the launch of the "Earl of Sandwich" at the Showboat Atlantic City Hotel & Casino. Earl of Sandwich is a hot-sandwich emporium. Here she launched her "Gorilla Beach" sandwich, which is a monster of a sandwich. The sandwich is named after her third book, "Gorilla Beach." She told the press, "I definitely wanted something healthy because I was on a health kick for a while."



The Gorilla Beach


We are sure after reading about this sandwich, you must be dying to know what goes into making it. So, here is the list of ingredients that make up this sandwich - strips of grilled chicken, loads of mozzarella cheese, bread crumbs, Roma tomato slices, Italian dressing, and sour pickles.



Fiance on her Side


No, no, nobody's talking about the sandwich anymore. Snooki was accompanied by her fiancé Jionni LaValle. At the time of launch, she appeared to be "in a great mood" and "was taking pictures with some of her fans." One of the cutest moments of the sandwich launch was, according to an eye-witness, "where Jionni was holding her tummy while she was also holding her tummy when she was signing copies of her book, Gorilla Beach."



For starters, the Earl of Sandwich will be the only place where the "Gorilla Beach" sandwich will be available. Snooki has not revealed whether she has plans to sell this sandwich anywhere else.


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Pregnant Snooki Wants You To Eat Sandwich