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Adam Richman, Jimmy Kimmel Plan ‘Elopement’

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Adam Richman Man vs. Food’s iconic host, Adam Richman, has a new job at hand and it is to find the “Best Sandwich in America”. He was recently invited on the show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to proclaim his love for the best sandwich. It was here that Jimmy revealed his plans to elope with Richman. The show was funny (what else would you expect from Richman and Kimmel together?) and it provided both the men a chance to show-off their rich knowledge of the sandwich-scape of the country.





Both Richman and Kimmel hail from the same neighborhood in Brooklyn. When Richman started showing off his knowledge of the sandwich landscape of the country, Kimmel kept pitching in with his share of information. This went on for quite a while and at the end, Kimmel concluded, “I think we should run away together.” Adam concurred, “I now pronounce you Adam and Jimmy.”


Sandwich Territory


Kimmel welcomed Richman with these words, “You’re not a chef, you’re not a food critic, you’re just a guy who likes to eat, right?” In good humor, Adam replied, “Yes, yes, that really makes me sound I really haven’t done much in my life!” Adam kept pitching in with names of sandwich shops and sandwiches from across America, and Jimmy kept saying which ones he had eaten or not eaten.  


Adam’s Favorite Sandwich


If you have wondered what does Adam Richman, the host and executive producer of the new show on TLC, like in his sandwich, here is your chance to recreate his favorite sandwich at home, in your kitchen. But beware! Adam likes to put in a lot, right from Sriracha sauce to turkey, cilantro to pickles, chips to avocado in between a ‘nice, crusty bread.’


Enjoy these videos of Adam Richman and do share your favorite sandwich in your comments. Adam Richman is also coming up with the World Food Championships later this year, so stay tuned in for more on that.

Image Courtesy: theadamrichman, gawker

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Adam Richman, Jimmy Kimmel Plan ‘Elopement’