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Taraji Henson Indulges In ‘Sweet Nothings’

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She may be an Academy Award-nominated actor but for Taraji P. Henson, the real joy comes from doing what she loves to do. That was what she was seen doing recently while attending the Courvoisier Rosé anniversary fete. The party was organized on Courvoisier Rosé completing one year in business and the venue was NYC’s Toy restaurant.



Taraji Goes The Sweet Way


Although the food was aplenty, the picture that highlighted the spirit of this event was a multi-tier tray filled with cupcakes in giddying colors and Taraji standing next to them, dressed in a short skirt and white blouse with long-sleeves. She had a cupcake, enormous in size and decorated with too much icing, in her hand, which she attempted to bite into. Whether or not she actually bit into one is not known but what is known is that she was not alone in doing so. With such a sultry actor on their side, the cupcake tray definitely made for one of the most interesting cupcake presentation ideas.



Others Join In Too


The anniversary fete was filled with celebrities of the likes of Adrienne Bailon, Jennifer Williams and Kat De Luna, who joined hands to celebrate the Courvoisier Rosé. One by one, all of them posed along with the multi-layered cupcake trays but no one saw them actually eating one. But the guests did enjoy the rest of the food items served at the party.


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Hors d’oeuvres & Summer Drinks


The anniversary party was the right occasion to marry French wines and aperitifs with the right foods. But the drinks were not all that the menu was about. While DJ Brooklyn Dawn played in the background, guests indulged in mushroom spring rolls and steamed shrimp dumplings, rustled up by Chef Doron Wong. Since the anniversary was to celebrate the completion of one year of a fruity blend of French red wine grapes and its signature cognac, Courvoisier Rosé left no stone unturned in putting up drinks like Crimson and Clover, Blackberry Beret, and Bijou Rosé. One of the guests present at the event told a magazine, “Taraji enjoyed summer drinks made exclusively for the event.”



The Courvoisier Rosé is known for its fruity, refreshing drinks, which make for great summer time sipping. But, the cupcakes surely take the cake for this event because the way Taraji was looking at them longingly would melt even the most stone-cold of hearts.


Image Courtesy: jonesmagazine

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Taraji Henson Indulges In ‘Sweet Nothings’