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Fans Stealing ‘Hasselhoff’ Cutouts In Boston

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He may be sixty-year-old already but that has not diminished the “Knight Rider” David Hasselhoff’s popularity. His fans are not leaving even his photo cutouts alone, which were put up outside convenience stores belonging to Cumberland Farms. Surprised? Well, this story is surprisingly hilarious but those who know Hasselhoff will understand what drives his fans’ frenzy for him.


Stealing Cutouts


The company had put up about 570 publicity cutouts of David endorsing the company’s iced coffee outside convenience stores in Florida and New England. The cutouts were part of the company’s advertising campaign. You would be shocked to know that as many as 550 cutouts have been stolen already. All the thefts have happened only in recent weeks. Kate Ngo, Cumberland brand strategy specialist, informed that only 20 cutouts remains standing right now. For how long are these 20 cutouts safe, no one knows for sure!


Flattered? Not Really!


Well, it is obvious that the company is flattered with all the attention that the stolen cutouts are getting it but Ngo feels that things are really getting out of hands. She said in a company release, “Although we are flattered our customers have become attached to our iced coffee ads, we do not encourage theft. The Hoff is there for all to enjoy.” She could do nothing more than asking the “thieves” to keep “Hasselhoff safe.” One of the store employees told a TV channel, “It’s crazy. We get customers probably every night asking to buy the Hasselhoff poster.”


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The Knight Rider Speaks


Hasselhoff, who is better known for his good samaritan work in the 1980s show “Knight Rider” and as a lifeguard in “Baywatch,” talked to a radio station about these thefts. Quite naturally, his sense of humor remained intact even through all this. He said “I look at the report this morning that said ‘ripped Hoff’ and I thought, ‘Aw that’s nice, they’re saying I’m still in good shape and then I realized people were stealing me. When I found out that they were stealing (the ads) I laughed really hard because I thought it was pretty funny.” He is even encouraging the theft, but all in good humor. He said, “I just hope nobody gets in trouble but I encourage everybody to go out and see what they can do about stealing a Hoff but please have a cup of coffee while doing it.” However, the joke is on the Cumberland Farms.



Publicity Comes Home!


Cumberland Farms convenience stores in other locations such as Wallingford, Connecticut, are doing everything they can to hold on to their Hoff cutouts, even guarding them like valuables. The company has even asked on its Facebook page for people to stop pilfering its cutouts. For now, the company has endeavored to keep on replacing the stolen cutouts because the campaign is to go on till the end of August. The company is getting publicity for its iced coffee as more and more people continue to blog about the thefts.


While the company is happy, grudgingly, with the publicity, Hasselhoff is ‘humbled’ by the thefts. What do you think about these cutout thefts? Is it some kind of fan frenzy or obssession?

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Fans Stealing ‘Hasselhoff’ Cutouts In Boston