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Romney Too Busy To Change Stained Shirt!

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He may have fared poorly on the David Letterman Show some time back because of his poor knowledge on Donuts but that doesn’t mean Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney doesn’t know how to eat a BBQ spread. He sure does and it is all over him, the stains, we mean, as you can see in the photograph above. This happened at Jackson in Mississippi, where Romney was on the campaign trail, meeting local congressman Gregg Harper and gorging on some tasty BBQ too.



Romney Gets Stained



It was “Mitt’s Body Man” (whatever that means!), Twitter user, dgjackson, who put up this picture on Twitter, with the caption, “Got some great Mississippi BBQ at the Hickory Pit, Gov managed to get more BBQ on him than he ate.” The caption was written in jest but the stains are for real. It was later revealed, on subsequent investigation, the dgjackson is Mitt’s bodyguard. What is funnier though is the fact that Romney did not find time to change the shirt after enjoying the BBQ. Instead he kept it on, allowing himself to be photographed too. Was he too busy to change his shirt?



What Did Romney Eat?



Actually, you won’t blame Romney so much if you knew what was served at the Jackson BBQ. It had all the trimmings of a traditional Mississippi BBQ party, right at The Hickory Pit, which is a local barbecue joint, popular among Jacksonians. Romney, and his team, enjoyed a classic BBQ meal, which consisted of pork (BBQed, of course!), baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, salad, buns, and Texas toast. The BBQ lunch ended with a Hershey’s pie for dessert. With so much to eat, in a short time, anyone would stain his clothes.



The Sauce On His Sleeves



While Mitt got some BBQ sauce on his sleeves, there are people who are supporting him in this like Wayne Mueller, owner of the Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, Texas. He told a news website, “Getting barbecue on your shirtsleeves is ‘a necessity to some degree.’ In Texas, sauce isn’t a primary ingredient when we’re dealing with beef…you get your badge of honor by squirts of grease from bites of sausage just as easy as you do from drippings of barbecue sauce.” He even praises Romney’s choice of shirt color for the BBQ, as he says, “I think wearing a white shirt is the best because it displays your grease awards a little better. It’s easier to see them.”


You all know that eating BBQ is a messy stuff. Being on a campaign trail for Presidential elections is even messier. So, you cannot really blame Romney for all that mess. And if all that talk of BBQ has left you hungry for more, here is something on how politicians eat while on job. Oops, that is not going to satiate your hunger, right? Well, here is some BBQ chicken shish kebabs to try at home.


Image Courtesy: twitter, ifood

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Romney Too Busy To Change Stained Shirt!