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Top 10 Highest-Earning Chefs Of World

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Gordon RamsayYou have seen them on your Television sets, in magazines, newspapers, on the Web but little did you know that these chefs were raking in moolah by the millions. They are the top 10 chefs of the country in terms of annual income. Each one of these celebrity chefs possesses a different style, a unique personality of his or her own and you have appreciated them for long for what they bring to your kitchen. Now appreciate them even more for how they have turned their culinary skills into a fortune for themselves and for those around them.



1) Gordon Ramsay – Cursing Deity

He is considered the God of culinary world because he has fans not just in London, but in every city of the world from New York to New Delhi. But more than his Michelin-star fine dining hubs, Ramsay is (in)famous for his cursing rampages, which he has amply displayed on extremely popular shows like “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Master Chef.” This 45-year-old chef-cum-reality TV host is now spreading his wings into various US locations as well as on the TV too. His latest television extravaganza will be unveiled on Fox TV in August this year and he is showing no signs of slowing down. No wonder, his annual income is an estimated $38 million. 


2) Rachael Ray – The Gorgeous Diva Rachael Ray


At 43 years, Rachael Ray still commands respect for her culinary expertise. Although, she is more of a television personality than a real chef but that doesn’t make any difference to her annual earnings, which are a whopping $25 million, which has earned her a second place on this list. Based in New York and known mostly for her “30 Minute Meals”, Ray can be seen hobnobbing with celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and First Lady Michelle Obama. She began with the Food Network in 2002 and slowly, built an empire for herself, which also comprises of a magazine and a talk show. Besides, she has 

Wolfgang Puck

written 20 books so far. So, you see, there is more of Ray to be seen around. 



3) Wolfgang Puck – The Master of Modern



He may be in the senior category of chefs but that doesn’t mean a thing to this classic chef. Puck first became famous when he did a modern take on pizza during the ‘80s. There is no doubt that he has come a long, long way since then and so has his earnings, which are now $20 million a year. Based in Los Angeles, Puck is running a chain of 80 outlets of Wolfgang Puck Express fast-casual restaurant, besides owning 20 fine dining restaurants and a dozen or more catering services. His products also sell in supermarkets across the country and he is soon going online too.



4) Paula Deen – The Diabetes Fighter Paula Deen


She may have made more news recently for her secretive Diabetic condition but Paula Deen has overcome the negative publicity by slimming down and giving up on some of her unhealthy recipes too. Despite the fact that fellow chefs called her “the most dangerous person in America” after she revealed her Type II Diabetes, there has not been a slight dent in the earnings of this vivacious Southern cooking expert, which stand at a cool $17 million. The 65-year-old cook, who was recently known as the “Butter Queen” for her obsession with butter in every recipe, has mended her ways. She has even diversified into health food category by joining forces with New York-based supplier, Nanco Group. Future is certainly looking healthy for this celebrity cook.



Mario Batali5) Mario Batali – The Iron Chef


He may have left the Iron Chef for a new show, “The Chew,” but Batali still holds his own where his culinary expertise is concerned. He recently criticized “skinny little actresses” for speaking out against his cuisine. Most of his $13 million of annual income is generated in his restaurants, one of which is Eataly, located bang on Fifth Avenue in New York. However, he is not satisfied with that. He has his hands in various pies, including pepper mill licensing, cast iron cookware, pasta sauces, and vineyards. He doesn’t take nonsense from anyone and doesn’t give any in return.


6) Alain Ducasse – The Benign Money Maker Alain Ducasse


This Paris-based chef holds 33 Michelin stars for his various ventures and biggest of them is located at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. It is called the ‘Mix’ and that is also what describes this stellar chef’s reputation. He has properties in cities like London and Paris and all of his restaurants are considered fine dining destinations. No wonder, his annual income stands at $12 million. He also owns a cooking school in Paris as well as a spate of hotels all over Europe.


Todd English7) Todd English – The Comeback King


He earns $11 million a year and lives in Boston, looking after his Olives restaurant. The past one year has been more low than high for him but the indomitable spirit of this chef has seen him bouncing back into reckoning even though a grease fire had closed down the restaurant 2 years ago. Did you know that he recently sold himself online for $25,000 in lieu of a private cooking class for two, plus dinner? That is the extent to which he can go in order to keep himself afloat. So, how can you keep someone like that down for too long? No, you can’t!


8) Nobu Matsuhisa – The Noble Chef Nobu

His smile speaks a thousand words and also reflects the integrity for which Matsuhisa is already famous. Till 1994, the chef was not much known outside his restaurant, Nobu in the Beverly Hills. But after Hollywood star Robert DeNiro spent years dining at his restaurant, he joined hands with the chef and took his restaurant to places, literally. Be it New York, Moscow, Dallas, or Dubai, chef Nobu now owns restaurants in 31 different locations. Well, an annual income of $10 million is inspired Nobu to take his business to the next level, which is a Nobu hotel in Las Vegas. The hotel is slated to open inside Caesar’s Palace later this year.


Bobby Flay9) Bobby Flay – The Silent Gun




After being known for years for his Mexican-inspired cooking, chef Bobby Flay has now made a huge jump in his career, with the Burger Palace. His original claim to fame, however, remains the upscale restaurants including Mesa Grills. Flay also appears regularly on Food Network and is now working on other TV shows as well, including a daytime show for CBS. Well, you can’t rest on just $9 million a year, right? You need to get out there and take bigger risks, which is what Flay is doing.


10) Guy Fieri – The Flamboyant OneGuy Fieri


He is 44-years-old and he has been an expert of Drive-in diners, as is evident in his show, “Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.” The show is telecast eight times a day on cable network, besides which, he is also Food Network’s most famous chef. His critics may call him more of a celebrity than a cook, but there is no doubt, with his proactive and lively presentations, people just flock to him. No wonder, his annual earnings are to the tune of $8 million and he is at the tenth place on this list.


To earn big money, chefs need TV shows, books, merchandise, and constantly evolving thinking. The Top 10 chefs on this list show that they possess the necessary skills, inside and outside the kitchen, to take them places. Here’s wishing these celebrity chefs all the best and even more earnings in the future. Which one of these chefs did you find to be the most inspiring?


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Top 10 Highest-Earning Chefs Of World