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It’s Christmas Already For Heston Blumenthal!

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Maverick chef Heston Blumenthal was in news recently for creating the world's largest ice cream. Now, he is once again on the forefront with his Christmas Menu, which he has launched with the supermarket chain, Waitrose, full 167 days before the Christmas Day. With this menu, you can expect the usual firecrackers from Blumenthal, who is known for turning out experimental cuisine, which challenges the boundaries of existing culinary traditions.


Ahead of Christmas

It may be summer now but Blumenthal is not bothered about that. He is already busy preparing a host of Christmas treats that those who eat are likely to remember for long after the festival. It is not for the first time that this chef has pushed the envelope as far as innovation in the kitchen is concerned. At his unconventional restaurant, The Fat Duck, he is known to serve dishes like snail porridge so why should his Christmas line-up be any different?  The only thing fixed about his Christmas menu is that he will cook it and sell it through Waitrose outlets.


Christmas Menu – Starting With the Cake

First and foremost, no Christmas dinner can be complete without a cake and for his menu, Blumenthal has devised a traditional fruit cake, which is many things at the same time. The cake looks like a Christmas pudding, it tastes like a chocolate brownie and it is covered in white chocolate. After eating it, you may be forgiven for assuming that you are eating a three-in-one dessert.


Cranberry Sauce


Cranberry Sauce

What is a Christmas Menu without a good cranberry sauce, right? Well, thankfully Blumenthal thinks so too that is why he has brought this sauce with a twist. The twist, in this case, is vodka. The experimental chef tries making the cranberry sauce with vodka, the bread sauce is made with truffle oil and there is baked gammon in mulled cider.


Baked Alaska


Baked Alaska

If you are still not satisfied, there is more from the Waitrose kitchen. Blumenthal’s Christmas menu also consists of a baked Alaska, served with a raspberry parfait inside a chocolate casing. All of this is, in turn, covered in caramelized banana parfait, so no ice cream in this one.  Blumenthal describes the baked Alaska as, “Baked Alaska is a childhood favorite of mine. I love the juxtaposition of the soft meringue against the smooth creamy interior, but I hated the idea that it all melted so quickly. So I was inspired to create my take on the old school Classic by creating a raspberry mousse center which gave the creaminess without melting and adding one of my favorite flavors – bananas!”


Past Glories

During 2010 Christmas, chef Blumenthal had prepared the Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding, which created so much frenzy among the customers that people bought it off stores and then re-sold these on eBay for as much as £250. The popularity of this enduring pudding is evident from the fact that even two years later, the pudding will go on sale once again this time on Christmas. Waitrose spokesman Andrea Watson describes the maddening popularity, “In recent years, Heston has really captured our shopper’s imagination at Christmas. I’m sure that just like our Hidden Orange Christmas puddings, his version of the Baked Alaska will be extremely popular with Waitrose shoppers this Christmas.”



The Waitrose will launch Blumenthal’s Christmas menu from October 2012 so this year, you really don’t have to wait for Christmas to celebrate it. You can start early!


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It’s Christmas Already For Heston Blumenthal!