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Maguire Remains Vegan While Leonardo Di Caprio Bites Into A Juicy Steak

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Great Gatsby Stars Dine At Las Vegas

The “Great Gatsby” co-stars Leonardo Di Caprio and Tobey Maguire were seen letting their hair down while enjoying a meal at one of the more popular steakhouses of Las Vegas. They were joined by five of their pals and seemed to have a rip-roaring time while tucking in to choicest food.


Maguire, who turned vegan in 2009 after having been a vegetarian for years stuck to the vegan items despite Di Caprio  tempting him with a juicy steak. There were quite a few side dishes accompanying his steak while Maguire had to make do with a host of salads. Tomato, butter lettuce and corn featured heavily in his salad dish providing him with a healthy meal  while his companions could not get enough of the red meat served at “Cut”, Palazzo Hotel. A number of veggies also appeared on Tobey’s plate and sautéed spinach, potato fingerlings , romano beans as well as squash provided him with sustenance as the friends laughed and joked making small talk.


Sips of water in between the meal proved to be enough for Maguire who had been voted as the sexiest vegetarian  by PETA. Di Caprio, on the other hand ordered Raspberry Velvet cocktail that contained a healthy amount of Grey Goose Vodka. Di Caprio apparently believes that a man needs meat to keep up his strength. Buddy Tobey, on the other hand, is a committed vegan so much so that he hates to have leather  upholstery anywhere in his house.


Well, opposites do attract it seems! We wish the duo an everlasting friendship unmarred by their personal choices when it comes to food.



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Maguire Remains Vegan While Leonardo Di Caprio Bites Into A Juicy Steak