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Obama Just Loves Thin Mint Cookies

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Thin Mint Cookies

President Barack Obama got booed recently for announcing his love for the Girls Scouts' Thin Mint Cookies. Everyone knows that his favorite dish is Chili, of course. But did you know he has a favorite Girls Scouts' Cookie too and it is Thin Mint? Someone present at the event, where the announcement was made, booed the President but level-headed, as he is, Obama just replied, "I didn't mean to create a controversy here."



The Thin Mints

President Obama was on his campaign trail when he passed Cincinnati, Ohio where he addressed a group of Girls Scouts. In reply to a two-year-old scouting vet, Julia's, query, President Obama said, "I've got to say this is one of the toughest questions. You know, I've got to say that I'm pretty partial to those mint -" He was not even allowed to complete his sentence before the crowd broke out into a loud applause but with some boos in between.



Why the Boos?

President Obama also heard the boos and he asked, "Who was booing up there? You had a different opinion. What are you oatmeal, or--" The booing person shouted back, "Peanut Butter," which means he was partial to the peanut butter cookies of the Girls Scouts. However, that was not enough for the President to change his mind, as he retorted back, "Peanut butter is quite good, too, but I'm going with the mint. I'm going with the mint." While the President declared that he was not in favor of creating a controversy, he definitely was enjoying the whole session, which was evident from a big smile plastered to his face throughout.



The Annual Cookie Drive

Thin Mint cookies has been the bestseller at the Girls Scouts Cookie's Annual Cookie Drive. These cookies are flavored with mint, with chocolate filling and a covering of semi-dark chocolate. Their popularity is evident from the fact that during the "Cookie Season" every year, Americans buy more than 200 million boxes of these cookies. The Cookie Program, launched for the first time in 1917, has other favorites too such as Samoas, Peanut Butter Patties, Do-Si-Dos, and Shortbread.


Well, now you know that if you are ever invited to a White House tea party during Obama's tenure, the Thin Mints are definitely going to be on the Obama Menu . Which one of the Girls Scouts' Cookies is your favorite?



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Obama Just Loves Thin Mint Cookies