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Duchess Of Cambridge Shows How To Gut A Fish

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Kate Volunteers for Boy ScoutsKate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge had a field day last Wednesday as she literally got down and dirty trying to help her young protégés, the boy scouts. She took some of the pressure off the host as she helped with the more boisterous and fun activities that the young boys simply loved.



The beach near Kate’s home in North Wales proved to be flurry of activities while the Princess managed to teach them how to catch fish and then clean it properly, removing the guts thereby making it fit for cooking . She also helped organize the barbecue on the beach and kept feeding the youngsters with bits of bacon and sausages fresh from the grill. The Boy Scouts included boys of all ages with some of them being as young as eight years.

How to gut fish

Kate has been taking part in such activities ever since she decided to volunteer for helping out with Boy Scout work. She does manage to organize such activities once every week, whenever she happens to be at her home in Angelsey.


The event wasn’t planned for the royal volunteer though. It is a regular affair conducted at the end of every scouting year. The boys do participate enthusiastically in such activities while looking forward to yet another year of Scouting deeds.


The spokesperson for the Boy Scouts appreciated Kate’s gesture by saying, “without volunteers like the duchess, events like this could not take place."  


Gutting fishes and enjoying a day out at the beach with a bunch of boys! Kate seems to be far removed from the Royal family members  of yesteryears. We hope that her down to earth attitude wins her many more hearts and the Royal family becomes popular with the masses once again.


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Duchess Of Cambridge Shows How To Gut A Fish