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Lady Gaga Makes Fun Of Lindsay Lohan@Twitter

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Lady Gaga Tweets

The outspoken diva, Lady Gaga definitely thrives on controversies. Her latest is a crude tweet about Lindsay Lohan and her practice of eating  cucumbers as a means of staying skinny. The “Born This Way” actress has recently been the cynosure of the media for her  sheer bra and revealing dresses. It seems that she wavers between two extremes, covering herself in raw meat and then posing without any proper clothing at all. However, it isn’t about Lady Gaga this time. It is her take on Linday Lohan who has also been experiencing a bad time for the last few years now.


The two controversial ladies lunched together alst week at the Beverly hills where the lady let out an envious “you skinny b****h” on taking in Lohan’s slim form. However, she could not stop her mirth when she watched the extremely skinny actress order a cucumber and then proceed to slice it up with the aid of a knife. Twitter fans had an exciting time as they rushed to read Lady Gaga’s tweet which went, “@lindsaylohan when you ordered a cucumber and a knife to the bar last night i thought your were gonna perform a vasectomy #justaskinnyb***h.” Lindsay remained unfazed and tweeted back, “#skinnysnack1 @ladygaga hahaha.”


It’s fruits and veggies for Lohan when she is on a diet . she admitted as much in an interview with “The Guardian” emphasizing how she loved consuming fresh salads, sashimi and a variety of nuts. And yes, no dressing on the salad please. She’s also into exotic, tropical fruits like mangoes, pineapples and papayas but blueberries, goji berries and pomegranates do help her ‘up’ the health quotient appreciably.


Lindsay is certainly not immune to the lure of junk food either. Its French fries from Mac Donald’s and the humble peanut and butter sandwich for her when she isn’t too concerned about her weight. It’s a different story for Lady Gaga though who has been sporting a rather full figure lately.


Outrageous costumes and a lush figure can be turned into an advantage too. Just look at Lady Gaga! It’s no wonder that she is ready to mock artists who opt to live on lemons & cucumbers now. However, should we forget that she decided to ditch food for a slim look not so long ago?


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Lady Gaga Makes Fun Of Lindsay Lohan@Twitter