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Food At Prix Fixe For Christina Aguilera & Beau

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 Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera, the actress went out for a taste of family life last Saturday. She was spotted along with her musician boyfriend Matt Rutler at Restaurant 1833 located at Monterey, California. The duo seems to have gotten over the DUI cases and appeared blissfully happy.  Christina’s son Max accompanied them as well and the trio made a lovey-dovey picture with beau Matt carrying the little boy along.


The historic eatery gave the couple enough space while they took their time to decide on the food. The fixed price menu or prix fixe as it is  known at the restaurant, seemed satisfactory at last and both Christine and Matt gorged themselves on a five course meal replete with various types of fish and meat based dishes. A full bar holding numerous alcoholic offerings were not given a miss by the couple either. They experimented with a few wines and took help from the waiters when it came to trying out special wines with their dishes. The meal wasn’t overtly pricey and the dating pair had to part with $65 each.

Prix Fixe at Restaurant 1833

It’s a pity that the adventurous duo did not opt for the exciting whole roasted pig or the unique cactus fruit float which is made by adding gin to the dried cactus fruit lying at the bottom of a champagne glass. Chewing on the floating fruit from the prickly desert plant sounds immensely exciting but the couple were more focused on behaving like a responsible family and decided not to take any risks with the food served.

Restaurant 1833

It seemed to be a feel good occasion but we sure would like to know if they came face to face with any of the ghosts rumored to be inhabiting the historical restaurant . Hopefully not, but then one never knows for sure. We only hope that Christine and her beau would go out and try something slightly more exotic the next time they decide to dine out  with Max.


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Food At Prix Fixe For Christina Aguilera & Beau