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President Obama Stops & Eats At Small Towns

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Obama at Kozy Corner

Kozy Corner, a small diner at Oak harbor, Ohio gained fame of sorts when the American President strolled inside it unexpectedly on Thursday. Barak Obama is  currently on a two day tour of Pennsylvania and Ohio.


What Did The President Do?

Obama seemed his usual friendly self and mingled with the crowds both inside and just outside the restaurant. The Kozy Corner was at full capacity at the moment with 85 people and the staff jostling to catch a glimpse of the President.  He made small talk with the people around and wished them all a great summer and happy 4th of July. “Dream Big Dreams” was his message for Cindy, a fourth grade student who requested him to sign her sketchbook.


The President also met up with Ted Strickland, the erstwhile governor of Ohio and ordered a cheeseburger for himself . He ate it with mustard and had a friendly banter with Strickland over who will eat the last piece of strawberry pie.


At The Local Orchard

Bergman Orchard in Danbury Township proved to be his next stop, also unexpected. He bought some of the local produces from the farm including peaches, cherries and ears of corn which he plans to eat at the next dinner party hosted by him at the White House.


Sandusky was the last stop of the President in the afternoon where a crowd had gathered for an ice cream social to be hosted by the great man himself. Tofts Ice Cream supplied the waiting crowd with mint flavored ice cream as they waited downtown for Mr. Obama.


Well, it was nice to see the man being his down to earth self with no obvious signs of disdain at the people of small towns. We hope that this attitude will endear him to the people and he hopes that this affection will get translated into votes, come November.


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President Obama Stops & Eats At Small Towns