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'Bizarre Foods' Host Gets Talking

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Bizarre foodsAward-winning TV personality Andrew Zimmern is in a talking mode these days. A few days ago, he was doling out testicle gyan to all and sundry and now, on the occasion of his TLC show "Bizarre Foods America" completing 100 episodes, he has come up with some more knowledge to distribute. Zimmern's iconic show will mark its 100 episode on July 9 and the host has prepared a one-hour retrospective of all that he has eaten and recommended over these 100 episodes.


The Century of Episodes


The highlight of the 100th episode would be Zimmern's trip to Las Vegas, where he will explore the Sin City's extremes, which include a Bellagio buffet. This buffet is famous for feeding up to 4,000 people a day. The host says about this special show, "Our show is all about exploring cultures through food and the new season reveals even more eternal truth about our food, our country, and our relationship to the rest of the world." There you heard it! Zimmern is also preparing for a sixth season and if you think you have seen enough, wait till you see what he has in store for you for the sixth season. He will eat an armadillo in Central Florida and a lamb's tongue in a pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles. His stops during this show are going to be Austin, Mississippi, San Diego, Miami, and Los Angeles.


His Take on the Bizarre


He is going to feed you, visually, some of the choicest of bizarre foods that he has eaten on his show over the past 100 episodes. These will be:

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1) Pickled Pigs' Feet


Found at most checkout counters at gas stations across America, these pickled pigs' feet are not a favorite of Zimmern himself but he does like pigs' feet roasted, boiled and pulled.

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2) Salmon Heads


It is not the food itself but the way it is prepared that has put it on the most bizarre list. People in places like Alaska lop off the salmon heads, bury them in the ground (to rot, of course!), then digging them up after the good bacteria has done its job, after which, these heads are safe enough to eat.


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3) Prairie Rats


A common 'delicacy' in Arizonian desert, Zimmern has eaten these rats cooked whole or staked out, dried in jerky style. Most of all, the host considers these to be a survival food, especially because these Prairie creatures are easy to trap since millions of them roam the high desert in Arizona.


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4) Praire Dogs


After Prairie rats, it is time for Prairie dogs, whom Zimmern finds cute and tasty both. He has tasted them stuffed with cedar boughs and coal-fire roasted. You will need to head out to New Mexico if you want to taste one of these dogs!

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5) Corn Chips & Chili


This may not come across as so bizarre as other foods on this list but when you read what goes into making it, you will agree with Zimmern. These are corn chips, in their bags, with canned chilis packed in, making them soooo hot that your mouth, eyes, and nose would water, all at the same time.


Well, these are some of the bizarre foods to have crossed Zimmern's tongue and mind. In case you have tasted any of these too, do share your experience here. And if not, then what is the most bizarre food that you have ever tasted?


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'Bizarre Foods' Host Gets Talking