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Blumenthal & World's Largest Ice Cream

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Michelin chef Heston Blumenthal is known for his larger-than-life creations. Therefore, it came as no surprise that he was trying his hand at a 1000 pound ice cream, which would be the world's largest. The ice cream cone, to be precise, was stationed at Gloucestershire, England and it is, now, officially the world's biggest ice cream.


The Giant Scoop

Blumenthal knew that the current record for the world's largest ice cream was for a two and a half meters high ice cream and he wanted to smash it, as simple as that! Well, he has smashed it with a 4 meters high ice cream cone, which took a month to freeze. The ice cream stunt was meant for an upcoming TV show "Heston's Big Idea", with which the maverick chef is associated.

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The Experiment 

While the world is already familiar with the most expensive ice cream sundae nobody in England is going to reach out to an ice cream with heavy rainfall around. But would that stop the Willy Wonka-type chef that Heston is from trying something new? of course not! He has already stunned the world with his bacon and eggs ice cream, which he serves at his "The Fat Duck" restaurant. The colossal treat at Gloucestershire was a step in the same direction. Speaking about his experiment, Heston said, "I had this quest to try to bring back the ice cream van I remembered as a kid. I was going to tell all the kiddies that if your parents tell you the noise of the ice cream van means there's no ice cream, it's not true."


The Details

The ice cream prepared by Heston was made with a four meters tall cone, on which was set up a ton of vanilla 99 flavored ice cream with the help of a fork-lift truck. The ice cream was donated by the company Walls. This giant block of ice cream took a whole month to freeze! Therefore, it was imperative that it be served properly to the Gloucestershire crowd. So, Heston went for the whole shebang in the form of toppings like strawberry sauce, rainbow sprinkles, and what not! Unfortunately, with the ice cream extremely frozen, nothing stuck to the top.

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The Public response

The huge crowd that gathered at the Gloucester Park, despite light showers, was proof that Heston had got his audience alright. With the celebrity chef, literally at the top of things, the crowd also wanted a sample of the ice cream mountain. There were many onlookers who looked visibly excited at this feat being unfurled in front of their eyes. One such was Dave Baker, Wall's project manager, who said, "It has been a much bigger challenge than we ever anticipated, mainly because it was so hard to freeze it through the middle." Another onlooker, Dean Palmer, said, "I've been looking forward to this for ages. I think Heston is amazing." His sister Georgia quipped, "I can't wait to try some. My favorite flavor is vanilla. I'm very excited." In return of the encouraging crowd, Heston and his team handed our samples of the ice cream to people who had come to watch the show.


The most expensive restaurant meals in the world may not have generated so much excitement among the population as this ice cream feat of Blumenthal. A few weeks ago, Dubai Crown Prince was seen at the New York restaurant, Serendipity 3, where he ate the world's most expensive ice cream and also received a gold goblet to take home with him. Wonder what he would have had to say to this ice cream feat!


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Blumenthal & World's Largest Ice Cream