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Reese Witherspoon Has A Sweet Time In Atlanta

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Reese_Witherspoon in Atlanta

The filming of “Devil’s Knot” seems to be a hungry affair! Well, actress Reese Witherspoon certainly seems to have worked up a huge appetite as she first chomped her way through a plateful of desserts than settled for the more filling quiche Parisienne at Bistro Niko, Atlanta.


The hot and sexy star was not averse to indulging her sweet tooth for the day when in she popped into the Bistro on Saturday. The sweet treats included madelines, brittles containing bits of hazelnuts as well as an assortment of cookies. Reese made sure that there wasn’t a crumb left in her plate as she polished it clean. She is known to have a weakness for chocolates and more sugary delights although she does keep away from junk food religiously .


Sunday saw the elegant actress step into the Atlanta fish market, hubby and kids in tow. John Toth and kids Deacon & Ava were all in a good mood while the diners at the fish restaurant were pleasantly surprised to find Reese sauntering to the hostess’s table and greeting her with a cheery, “"Hey y'all!"


Sushi seemed to the choice of the day as her kids satisfied themselves with the Japanese delicacy. The “Legally Blonde”, actress  chose to go with the jumbo sized lump crab cakes instead and sat by contently as her kids went over to have a look at the giant live lobsters in the restaurant’s fish tank.


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Reese Witherspoon Has A Sweet Time In Atlanta