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Katy Perry And Her Bra-licious Cupcakes

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Cupcake Bra

Katy Perry, the controversial recording artist and singer has shown the world how to take risqueness to a new level altogether. Inspired by her hit single “Califonia Gurls” in 2010, Katy has launched an entire bra collection that can be eaten too .


The Inspiration

The line is known as Candyfornia after the imaginary land of her music video where she was seen floating  lazily among candy floss clouds with the birds flipping in and out, surrounded by gummi bears. The dreamy world of candy has come to haunt Perry and she is determined to get the girls get hooked to bras that look and are good enough to eat!

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Perry confesses to being a candy lover and says, “It was really important to me that Candyfornia not only look good and taste good, but do your body good.” Katy also admits that she does think of her health but can’t really help loving the sweets. So the entire idea of edible bras was a kind of compromise for her while she kept an eye on its health quotient too. The bustier are vegan and organic apart from being completely gluten free, so all of you having to stick to food restrictions can freely hope to eat the body holding line. However, Perry says nothing about the effect it might have on the shooting blood pressures, especially that of the sizable male population.


All About The Edible Bras

The chocolate bras have become a firm favorite as expected as has the simple yet natural flavor of vanilla. But more raunchy and naughty combos are available to tickle your funny bone as well as set your pulse racing. What about the fluffernutter or the melon-raspberry combination. The banana cream pie bust lifters may also help you to get into your sexy avatar. Another fact that will help you plan a hot party well in advance is the ability of these yummy bras to keep for a week in the refrigerator. You are also at liberty to stash them away in the deepest corner of your freezer and thaw out your sexy undergarment after 2 whole months should you be inclined to do so.


Katy Perry has unleashed a veritable storm by coming out with the idea. We do now have shops as well as bakeries designing them with numerous DIY and instructions on creating the cupcake bra flooding the Internet. Here are a few of the favorite eats that comes in the form of a bra.

Cupcake Bra

The idea may be bold but it is still considered to be NFSW by most. What do you think? Do let us know.



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Katy Perry And Her Bra-licious Cupcakes