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Andrew Zimmern’s Testicle Gyan!

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Bizarre foods

If you are a sucker for bizarre foods, you probably are already familiar with Andrew Zimmern. He is the man who hosts “Bizarre Foods” program on TLC and is known to put some outrageously bizarre things into his mouth, in a quest that takes him around the world.


“Watch What Happens Live!”


Zimmern was on television recently, where he spoke about the only thing that he knows best, the weird foods of the world and this time, he was talking about testicles. No, not his own, but those of a dozen different animals, which he has eaten over the course of his stint with the TLC program and otherwise too.

Bizarre foods 2

The Gruesome Game


Zimmern told the host that he has eaten anything between 60 to 70 varieties of penis and testicles, all animal-origin and the only thing that he would not eat was “human beings.” At least, Zimmern had the decency to spare his own species, which, Anthony Bourdain did not have. The game, played on one of the shows, had the host calling out an animal’s name and Andrew had to describe what its testicles tasted like. Gruesome and yuck, isn’t it? But that is what the 49-year-old TV host is known for. Among the adjectives he used for the testicles, prominent were “barnyardy,” “creamy,” “tough,” and “woolite.” One wonders how many testicles did Zimmern eat and how much could he recall, to come up with such adjectives.


Cringe-Worthy Admission


While most people would cringe at having to eat testicles of any kind, Andrew doesn’t think so. He said on the show, “The fact that I’ve had 60 or 70 types of animal penis and testicles actually in my mouth at one time is a huge amusement to many people. To me, I’m just curious, I’m just hoping one day to find one that’s actually good.” He adds, “But size does matter. The bigger ones cook better and end up having a better flavor.”

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There’s More


If you thought that was bizarre enough, wait till you read about what Andrew had to say about a particular Tanzanian morning drink. He said, “I mean, literally, we nicked a cow’s artery, filled a jug, took mud and feces to stop the bleeding and drank the jug in the field with these Tanzanian warriors. That’s what they drink before they go to work every morning of the year.” We think the morning coffee is the best bet for you, don’t you?


Well, Andrew has traveled to 80 different countries and eaten almost any bizarre food that you can think of or not think of, whatever! He has sampled 15 varieties of rats, 100 types of bugs, a whole cow (in parts). In comparison to this, testicles sound a bit tame, but then, for most of us, even that is bizarre enough! Therefore, it is very brave on part of Zimmern to go out there and eat what most others would just balk at.


It is not for nothing that Zimmern received the 2012 James Beard Foundation award for TV hosting.


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Andrew Zimmern’s Testicle Gyan!