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Paula Deen Is Losing Weight!

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This is one loss celebrity chef and restaurateur Paula Deen would not mind. Six months after revealing that she had Type 2 Diabetes, Deen recently announced that she had lost 30 pounds of excess weight. The good news is that she is not going to stop until she has lost some more.


Well, hope Anthony Bourdain is listening to this because after her Diabetes revelation, the fellow chef had called Paula “the most dangerous person in America.” The lost 30 pounds should take some edge off that extreme statement and also the backlash that she had to face from public in general.


Hope, Not Butter


Deen, often called the David Blaine of food TV, is synonymous with decadent treats like deep fried cheesecake and doughnut-topped bacon burger, and everything with butter in it. In fact, most of her recipes have been termed outrageous by health fanatics. However, recently, on the television show “Celebrities At Home,” she told the host Nancy O’Dell, that when people heard her name, she wanted them to think of the word hope, not butter.


That shows that Paula wants the public perception to change about her, which is why she is so serious about getting back into shape and also diversify into healthier options in her business.


The Weightloss


Speaking to a magazine about her healthy adventure, Paula said, “It took me a couple of years to get to this point. If you make a few small changes, they can add up to big results.” She told that instead of going for deep-frying, she concentrated more on exercising. In fact, it is the first time, since high school, that the Southern chef has started working out and she is feeling much better.


The Changes


Apart from the exercise, there were a few dietary changes as well, as Deen informed, “I double my salad, double my green beans and the carbs are like this (small portion size). I wasn’t about to change my life but I have made simple changes in my life.”  Apart from the salad, and green beans, Paula has also given up white foods like potatoes and switched ketchup for mustard. With all these changes, she has gone from a size 18 to size 10 and that has led to a change of perspective, evident in her words, “I do think differently now about food. I am more aware.”


The Family


It is not only Paula who is on the weightloss bandwagon but her husband, Michael Groover and her oldest son, Jamie, as well. Michael has lost 100 pounds so far while living on four shakes per day and Jamie has dropped 40 pounds. In fact, so thrilled is Paula about the weightloss that she beamed like a kid in a candy store, as she said, “Let me show you something I haven’t been able to do in years. Cross my legs! To be able to polish  my own toenails is a be-yoo-ti-ful thing.”


Well, if 65-year-old cook can do it, so can you, so why not take inspiration from Paula’s story and hit the treadmill today?


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Paula Deen Is Losing Weight!