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Bourdain Gets ‘Bloodthirsty’ With 'Get Jiro'!

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Get Jiro

Foul-mouthed chef and Television presenter, Anthony Bourdain, is not known for his polite ways but coming from even him, ‘Get Jiro’, a graphic novel, sounds extreme. Anthony has been a writer for quite some time and his works are based either on food or on crime. In his latest outing, he has decided to combine the two and how!


Literary Experiment

You are bound to be shocked when you take a look at this novel, which is set in Los Angeles and talks of the travails of a violent sushi chef. The intricate images drawn in the novel are its highlight, more than the written word and apart from the sushi chef, there are a lot of other characters, equally bloodthirsty. Initial reviews describe the novel as “a hearty helping of blood and gore.” Describing the artwork in the book, Anthony is all praise, as he says, “If you look at the artwork, particularly the food details, from my point of view it really paid off. Few will argue with whether or not that is indeed fresh water eel or salt water eel.” The book has illustrations from DC Comics artist Langdon Foss and the story is co-written by Anthony with Joel Rose.


The Novel

The novel is 160-page-long and prices at $24.99. The novel has been initially launched in the leading comic book stores and by July 3, it will be available in all the book stores across America.


Anthony, the Author

Anthony, who is both a celebrated chef and a travel host, has already written a couple of bestsellers such as “Kitchen Confidential” and “Medium Raw.” Now, with “Get Jiro”, he has added the comic book writing to his lexicon as an author. The sushi chef that we talked about earlier is in conflict with rival chef warlords, who are out to demolish each other.


The Menu

The launch party of the novel was held at Les Halles, where Anthony served some of the dishes, that he has included in his novel, like – boudin noir (blood pudding). Describing the thought behind the novel, Anthony said, “A violent, satirical vision of a chef-centric yet dystopic future, set in a possible future Los Angeles, where gangs of marauding chefs slaughter each other over differences of culinary philosophy. I look at this hyper foodie world, and we’re not too far from a place where people might kill themselves over a reservation in a restaurant or kill someone else or where a really great chef might be forgiven for murdering someone for disrespecting their work!”


Sample this – in the novel, the sushi chef cuts off a customer’s head because the customer has committed the mistake of dipping the fish end of the sushi into soy sauce and Wasabi. Now you get the hang of the novel, right?


Well, Anthony never said the novel was for the weak-hearted!


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Bourdain Gets ‘Bloodthirsty’ With 'Get Jiro'!